Important New Information About the Practice

I am writing this letter to inform you of exciting changes to my practice. I am going to combine the personal attention needed to practice internal medicine and cardiology with a stronger emphasis on prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases. The practice of medicine today is hurried, focused on isolated complaints, and treated by multiple prescriptions and excessive testing. Waiting for ill health and attempting to merely stabilize a condition is not acceptable if we desire optimal health, a sense of wellbeing and maximal functional longevity.

I would like to introduce you to what I feel will be the optimal practice of internal medicine, cardiology, nutrition and wellness… READ MORE

~Dr. Jami Dulaney

Latest News on Nutrition and Your Health

Dr. Dulaney shares information about health and nutrition, including a regular podcast.

Healthy Recipe: Pumpkin Lasagna

In our house lasagna means tomato sauce but fall also means pumpkins. In Florida it is hare to appreciate much in the way of season change so people overcome this by decorating. Pumpkins have be a favorite part of fall for me and my family. Growing up, they were associated…

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Podcast: Episode 136-Don’t Get in Your Own Way

Welcome and thank you for listening.  It is breast cancer awareness month.  Most awareness is about detection and donating money for a cure.  What about prevention? I do not believe fear is the answer but insead, empowerment. What can we do as individuals to protect against cancer or prevent it’s…

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