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Episode of 113-My Week as a Plant Based Cardiologist

Welcome. Thanks for listening. They call being a physician “The Practice of Medicine”. I have been practicing a long time and I am still learning. Since adding plant based nutrition education to my practice I have been learning even more. It is not just about the food and how to make it. It is about […]
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Episode 111-Backyard to Vineyard Challenge

Welcome. The Backyard to Vineyard Challenge at the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, N.C. is in the books. I completed a 13.1 mile run on Saturday and a 26.2 mile race the next day. It was part paved and part dirt road/trail all on the Biltmore property. The scenery was fantastic and mother nature added another […]
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Episode 110-Superfood or Whole Food

Time is one of my most precious commodities. If I just had a few more hours in the day, I could do so much more. The next thought is often, how can I do that more efficient or quicker? There are a lot of suggestions on how to do just that and they are referred […]
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Episode 109- The Doctor and the Professor: Take One

Welcome and thank you for listening. In Today’s podcast I reconnect with Timaree Hagenburger, RD, MpH to discuss stumbling blocks for maintaining or perhaps starting a plant based diet. This episode will kick off a series of podcast discussions with Timaree on being an “excusatarian” vs a “doer” Sometimes when you actually speak of the […]
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Episode 108-Plant Strong Medicine

Welcome and thank you for listening. Nutrition as medicine. Plants as medicine. Those are the themes today. What is it to be a physician that focus on nutrition to help people become healthy. It is not much different from a diagnostic view. One needs to be able to spend time with a patient to diagnose […]
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Happy Heart Month!

Happy Heart Day! Happy Valentine’s Day. What a great time to be a mender of hearts. Better yet what a great time to be a preventer of broken hearts. This episode is dedicated to my grandmothers both of which died of heart disease too young. Both had diabetes, the biggest risk factor for heart disease. […]
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Episode 104 with Dr. Richard Aiken-Neurodietetics

We know that eating a whole food plant based diet can reverse cardiovascular disease and diabetes but what about diseases of the brain or mind? I have the pleasure to chat with Dr. Richard Aiken today about such topics. Refer to Episode 47 for our last discussion of his book, The New Ancestral Diet. He […]
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