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Frustrations of a Plant Based Cardiologist I finished my cardiology fellowship in 1993 and then did three years at a University Hospital as a clinical assistant professor. I decided that I would be better suited in private practice, and after a few years in the group-setting decided to go out on my own. My motto has always been ‘treat the […]
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Could a water fast be in your future?

Water Fasting Not quite a year ago I visited TrueNorth Health located in Santa Rosa California to take a look at the facility and I met with Dr. Goldhammer and Dr. Klaper. It was a very informative visit. They are practicing medicine without medicine. Yet they are healing more people of their lifestyle diseases than […]
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Upcoming lecture in Port Charlotte with Dr. Brooke Goldner

Dr. Brooke Goldner, MD will be coming to Port Charlotte, Florida December 23, 2015 for a visit and lecture. She will be speaking on how she reversed her own Lupus and how she now helps others health through 6 easy steps plant based nutrition. Her book, Goodbye Lupus, discusses her story and 6 steps to […]
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Thanksgiving-how it had changed for me

Thanksgiving has evolved in my house over the years. Like most we were not always vegan. And it is worse than most because when I was small Thanksgiving was a working holiday. It was when we helped the family butcher hogs. I am sorry. But that was how it was. It occurred on the farm […]
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The Psychology of Changing to Plant Based Nutrition

The science is there and now it is actually been admitted by organizations like The World Health Organization. Eating plants is healthy. Complete nutrition can be adequately and tastily obtained through plants. There is no need to consume animal products. Animal protein is associated with lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. […]
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Whats Happening in the Office-Plant Based Nutrition of Course

Plant Based Nutrition Course Starts Today Today was the start of our forth session in plant based nutrition. We have a full house of participants. Most are just starting their plant based journey. One patient has already lost over 15 pounds in two weeks after beginning his transition after an angioplasty. We started class with […]
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Do Hospitals really want people to get healthy?

I am amazed when I make rounds at the hospitals in the morning.  Nutrition is completely ignored unless it has to do with the total number of calories or adequate protein intake.   In the doctor’s lounge there is a daily buffet that rivals any cheap hotel.  Sausage, gravy, cheesy eggs and waffles.  There is […]
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Post 62 Mile Cycle Ride

As most of you know I am training for 2 marathons and an Iron distance triathlon in the fall.  So the training sessions are starting to get longer especially on the weekends.   It has been said that nutrition is the fourth discipline in triathlon.   Especially the longer events.   Post workout recovery nutrition […]
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