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Episode 99-Marathoning on Plants

This episode is a recap of my California International Marathon experience in Sacramento. Traveling plant based does not have to be a challenge. We enjoyed fresh fruit and vegetables at the farmers market, vegan sushi at Lou’s and cocount curried root vegetables at The Veg. I find my recovery post marathon is enhanced by a […]
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Episode 98-Thanksgiving Reflections

I hope you had a wonderful plant strong Thanksgiving and your heart was warmed by family and friends. This is the season of high expectations, traditions and sometimes extra stress. If you are new to plant based nutrition it could be a time when you give in to holiday temptations. Stay strong and bring a […]
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Episode 97- Thanksgiving Joys and Challenges

Happy Thanksgiving. In my line of work this is often the beginning of overindulgence with salt, sugar and fat leading to worsening blood pressure, cholesterol and overall heart function. It is also a time of the year when stress reaches an all time high. A lot of pressure is placed trying to host the perfect […]
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Episode 96-Happy Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Day. Thank you to all who have served our great country. I appreciate and honor your sacrifice greatly. I was raised to belive that through honest hard work anything could be achievable. This was demonstrated to me by my parents and grandparents. I love my career as a physician and have rekindled my […]
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Episode 94 with the Lean Green Dad

“Plant Based Lifestyle is about Love”. That is the walk of Cory Warren of Lean Green Dad. Initially, it was a path to help his wife gain back her health from ulcerative colitis and now it is the mission of the entire family. Cory wants to help other families make the transition to a healthy […]
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Episode 92-Recapping Ironman Louisville

What does an Ironman have to do with plant based nutrition? Well the quick answer is it is what I do for a hobby and what I eat to be healthy. But it can also be a similar long journey of training to move and to eat more healthfully. There will be setbacks and successes. […]
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Episode 91-It is All Connected

Have you ever watched a toddler pick something off of the floor. They do a perfect squat. Completely balanced. How about a race here running for the line. His head lifts up and his legs jet out in front of him and he pulls them back whipping his hooves to the ground. Fast forward to […]
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Episode 89-Mindful Nutrition

If we just take a minute to think about what we are eating and where did it come from exactly, we might just make better choices. People are more particular with what gas goes into their cars than what they feed their families. The government does not help with the purchase of surplus cheese to […]
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Episode 88-Dangling the Carrot

Everyone needs a challenge. It can be physical or mental or both. It keeps us striving to be the best we can. How you define winning is up to you. But try to find a positive everyday along the way. Getting off of the couch or beginning to take control of your own nutrition is […]
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