What are your expectations when you visit a physician’s office. It is to get reassurance that you are alright?  Perhaps you are looking for answers for new discomforts? What about wellness? Is that just a physical examination and testing with the hopes of being told your are OK? What does that mean? Is a “normal” physical exam a reassurance that you will remain healthy tomorrow? a month or year from now?

Truth is a physical examination tells what is going on right now.  It does little to predict or prevent the future.   Just as diagnostic testing may reveal disease but does it really alter the course of disease?

Have you ever been given a blood pressure medication or cholesterol medication and then returned to the doctor “cured” and the medication discontinued?

Most of the time medications are added and never taken away.  So how is this “fixing” the problem?

What would you say if the physician said there was a solution that did not involve medications or procedures to return you to a healthy state or maintain your health?

The catch being that you had to do all of the work.  It required you to change.  Would you be willing? Even if it had to be forever?  What kind of promise would you need?

I am interested in working with those people who want to be in control of their health.  My goal is to make my job as a Cardiologist obsolete by education my patient on a plant based diet and taking them off of their medications.   I believe you can stop your blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications, diabetes medications and many others by adopting a plant based no added oil whole foods diet.

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