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Nutrition Courses

Our nutrition class is a six week commitment to learning plant based cooking, menu planning, and the science supporting the health benefits. I am the educator and cook, and I provide sample foods to taste at each class, along with a discussion of the nutrients and preparation of each dish. We discuss the studies showing the benefits of plant based nutrition as well as how to deal with all of the fad diet claims to health.

As part of the course, we take a shopping trip to the local grocery store to locate and identify healthy food versus marketed magic box foods. I teach label reading but emphasize the focus is whole fruits and vegetables not things requiring a list of chemical ingredients. Together we plan menus that are not only easy and quick to prepare but also tasty and eye pleasing.

Finally, we discuss the perils of eating out and social situations that might be stressful in the transition to this healthy lifestyle.

I encourage open discussions and mutual support among course participants. The class is limited in size to twenty so that adequate attention is provided to all. Because of this, early registration is recommended.

This class has become my favorite part of the week. I have seen more success in these classes than many office visits over the years. I hope to expand the number of classes offered each week as interest dictates.

The class meets for an hour every week for six sessions. The class fee of $175.00 can eliminate many future appointments and procedures so it is extremely cost effective for all.

30 day Intensive Nutritional Counselling to reduce or eliminated Cardiac or Diabetic Medication:

4 Private weekly sessions for education, detailed weekly meal plans, laboratory and medicine evaluation with treatment goal definition. Weekly private sessions will be used to measure progress metrics and titrate off medications. In addition patients will attend the group education sessions for additional menu planning, education and dissuasion of the psychosocial aspects of diet change and how it relates to friends and family.

6 Nutrition Classes – $175

30 day Intensive Nutrition – $300.00