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As a leading provider of cardiac care, we take pride in offering the best healthcare with regards to prevention and treatment. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our patients in the same way we would like our family members to be treated each and every day. We have been in private practice in Port Charlotte, Florida for 14 years. We believe that food is medicine and educate our patients to achieve health and elimination of medication through a plant based diet.

Office of Dr. Dulaney

Our staff shares a love of animals. There has always been a German Shepherd in the office as greeter. Our newest member is Samantha, a rescue from the German Shepherd rescue of Southwest Florida.

Visiting a Cardiologist is not just about getting a stress test or medication for chest pain or high cholesterol. In my office we take time to talk to patients and make a physical assessment. Much can be learned from where someone grew up, the environment they were raised in and their current social situation. Lifestyle is the risk for disease and the cure. Without knowing how and where someone grew up and how they currently live, one cannot adequately identify and change the very cause of their suffering. It should not be a blame game but an educational opportunity to help people cure themselves. In the 1980s medicine changed from the paternalistic Doctor telling patients what was going to be done to them to providing “informed consent” for the potential treatment options. However, this information was about medication and surgical procedures or the “do nothing” approach. I believe the focus should be on educating the patients on how “they can do something” approach.

At an office visit I start that dialogue by educating people on whole foods plant based nutrition with elimination of processed oils and animal foods. That often comes as a surprise and is a lot to hear in a short thirty minute office appointment. After a brief discussion they are given references to look up and read as well as a link to my nutrition podcast. I have introduced a plant based nutrition class to further educate those interested in taking control of their health.

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