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Podcast Episode 132-Hurricane Irma Plant Strong

Welcome and thanks for listening. I am relieved to have survived Hurricane Irma and my thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected by Harvey and Irma. In this episode I discuss my preparations for Irma and my plant based routine. It is certainly easier to do if you have been plant strong […]
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Episode 129-Eating Healthy at Any Age

Where did your eight year old child or even your 18 year old child get their nutrition degree? Certainly not school where ketchup is considered a vegetable. The reality is they get their wants and desires from media aimed directly at them. Cool kids eat burgers, fries and cheese pizza. Vegetables are for old people. […]
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The Wellness Model vs The Sickness Model

In today’s healthcare world the disputes are over insurance coverage for illness. The price of insurance has skyrocketed over the past several years in part because the “health” of those covered continues to worsen. Insurance plans have higher and higher deductibles so that premiums can be afforded. Instead of focusing on health we are worried […]
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It is my thyroid’s fault

I want to address the role of thyroid disease and obesity. This discussion will center on low circulating thyroid levels or hypothyroidism. In the United States rarely is inadequate intake of iodine a cause of low thyroid. The RDA for iodine is 150 micrograms daily and most people ingest iodized table salt and baked goods […]
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