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I am excited to share with you the unique quality of care available in my practice. I combine the personal attention needed to practice internal medicine and cardiology with a stronger emphasis on prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases. The practice of medicine today is hurried, focused on isolated complaints, and treated by multiple prescriptions and excessive testing. Waiting for ill health and attempting to merely stabilize a condition is not acceptable if we desire optimal health, a sense of wellbeing and maximal functional longevity.

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~Dr. Jami Dulaney

Latest News on Nutrition and Your Health

Dr. Dulaney shares information about health and nutrition, including a regular podcast.

Podcast: Christopher McDougall of Born to Run

Welcome! and Thank you for listening! You are too old not to run.  As my guest today, Christopher McDougall would add by the title of his book you are “Born To Run”.   You might ask why run? What are the benefits of running over other exercises? Is it better to…

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Podcast: Consistency and Nutrient Intake: Too much or not enough?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The key to most any improvement in health or performance is consistency.  Day after day, year after year, consistent implementations of actions that lead to a certain goal.  There is no stagnation.  There is only improvement or decline.  But how do we stay consistent? …

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