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I am excited to share with you the unique quality of care available in my practice. I combine the personal attention needed to practice internal medicine and cardiology with a stronger emphasis on prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases. The practice of medicine today is hurried, focused on isolated complaints, and treated by multiple prescriptions and excessive testing. Waiting for ill health and attempting to merely stabilize a condition is not acceptable if we desire optimal health, a sense of wellbeing and maximal functional longevity.

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~Dr. Jami Dulaney

Join us for our upcoming ZOOM Nutrition Conference…

Dr. Dulaney and Dietitian Addie will be hosting their next virtual nutrition conference: June 16, 2021  @  5:30-8pmEST

Join Dr. Dulaney & Dietitian Addie for an evening creating delicious summer staples the plant based way. Refresh your meals & nutrition knowledge to start your summer off strong! 
They will be discussing how these foods along with other compliment your health and fitness goals.  
There will be a live Q and A as well as opportunity to email questions and watch the recorded program for a week after the live session. 


Latest News on Nutrition and Your Health

Dr. Dulaney shares information about health and nutrition, including a regular podcast.

Podcast: Running and Heart Disease with Ashland Dave

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Dave Klisz from the podcast: Running in the Center of the Universe.  Dave is an ultra runner and describes himself as an ordinary middle of the pack runner.  He is in the 50-55 age group, and is…

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Podcast: Summertime Fun with Addie Majnaric, RDN

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!.  Summertime fun is here along with BBQs and picnics.  What is a plant based person to do?  How can you possible have fun or even survive?   Addie Majnaric, RDN joins me today to discuss our upcoming Zoom Nutrition Conference June 16, 2021 where we…

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