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Wild rice with peach chutney and vegetables

Ingredients: wild rice can of peaches red pepper apple cider vinegar one onion 2 yellow squash snow peas Brussels sprouts salt paper brown sugar olive oil Directions: Cook one cup rice/2 cups water over low heat until tender-about 30 minutes In a medium skillet saute 1/2 chopped medium onion, a chopped medium red or green […]
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Shepherds Pie with a twist

Ingredients: Boca tofu crumbles-one package carrots peas mushrooms onion vegetable broth garlic salt pepper tomato paste potatoes Directions: Boil potatoes and mash- this can be done traditionally with almond milk and simply mash the cooked potatoes In a skillet place the tofu crumbles, two diced carrots, a half bag frozen peas and a 1/2 cup […]
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Alfreda’s special

Alfreda is my mom. She is a fantastic cook, raised in the traditional Italian cooking and influenced later by my Irish Grandmother. They cook from scratch. No cookbooks. No measuring cups. Taste and smell. She started eating and cooking Vegan after going through chemotherapy for lymphoma. She said originally she would eat vegan but not […]
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Easter dinner

Easter dinner of my youth was an eating fest. My Grandmother would cook a turkey and a ham. Sweet potatoes candied and mashed potatoes with butter and whole milk. Green beans and Lima beans. Dressing and homemade rolls. Cream cheese jello salad. Banana and coconut cream pies. Nearly every adult was overweight. None of us […]
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Welcome to health!

Welcome! I am beginning a new blog to promote a plant based diet. Yes being Vegan. I have been making this transition over several years but have never fully committed until last June. I have know for quite sometime that this was the right path but did not want to upset the family dinner table […]
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