Blogpost: You Have Got to Have Heart

It is heart month. Headquarters of our soul. At least I would like to think so given I am a cardiologist. The heart is probably the strongest muscle in our body. It never gets a time out. It responds to our every emotion as well as every movement. We take it for granted by stressing it and call it broken even when it is not. The heart continues to beat, nourishing our bodies with oxygen and nutrients all through the day and night. No matter how sad or tired the body is, the heart is right there beating, ready for the next dance, run, or emotional swing. It keeps fighting to beat until the very last one.

Perhaps we should take a lesson from our heart. Never give up until the very last beat. It takes practice, and we have a lifetime of opportunities to practice never giving up. If you watch football or the news at all you have heard of Tom Brady, the quaterback for the Patriots. He never gives up until the last beat of the clock and the outcome is usually in his favor. As you watch him in action, you may not think how much he practices. I have heard, it is long after everyone else is finished. Day in and day out. In season and off season. Kind of like your heart. There is always another opportunity. Just keep beating.

So perhaps this heart month is an opportunity to change your story from one of little hope to one that never gives up. Define that stragagy that will allow you to make a new story. It is never to late as long as your heart is beating. It is never to late to ease the work of your heart by giving it a little love this month dedicated to hearts. Nourish it with colorful fruits and vegetables that make it’s work easier. Take it for a walk or hike and experience some of natures beauty. Breath deep and enjoy each beat.

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    This blog just made me smile and stop for a moment to feel my heart beating!! How often we abuse, ignore or flat out just take for granted the organ in our body that works so hard for us day in and day out. We need to remember to honor it by doing all we can to keep it beating strong! Thank for teaching us all how to do that—-Happy Heart Month!!

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    David Rodrigues

    I really enjoyed reading this. It makes you realize how important the heart is and how we take it for granted.

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    I’m with Donna!! Let’s celebrate Heart Month by appreciating all that our hearts do for us. Let’s make sure we exercise, breathe and nourish our bodies to the best of our abilities! Happy Heart Month

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