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Episode 44 with Micaela Karlsen of

This episode features Micaela Karlsen. She is a doctoral fellow in Nutritional Epidemiology at the Tufts Friedman School of Nutritional Science and Policy. She is also the founder of This site features online narrative reviews of peer-reviewed scientific research papers and resources on plant based nutrition. You can browse by category or look at […]
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Episode 43 with Paul Shapiro of the Humane Society-Farm Animal Protection

Welcome. Today’s podcast features Paul Shapiro, Vice President of the Humane Society’s Farm Animal Protection Division. Paul has written numerous articles on the benefits of eating a predominately plant based diet. He is non judgmental and compassionate. His division has introduced Meatless Monday campaigns to universities and hospitals all over the country providing them with […]
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A week at the Doctor’s office

Welcome to the podcast. I hope to share with you my plant based journey as I teach my patients how to live healthier through a whole foods plant based no added oil diet. It can be quite a shock. A shock to find out that you are ill and a shock to find out that […]
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Episode 41 with Kathy Grant

Thank you for listening. My first apology is to Dr. Walter M. Bortz II, MD. I call him Dr. Neal Bortz during the interview. He is the author of Roadmap to 100. This episode features the plant based journey of Kathy Grant. She discusses her journey to health through a plant based diet. She is […]
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Podcast Episode 40-Musings with the Doc

I went to see PlantPureNation last night. Nelson Campbell et all made a stellar effort in writing and producing this movie. I had a very interesting night. Usually, I am surrounded by “plant based foodies” in these situations but last night I listened to a frank review of plant based documentary films. My mother has […]
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Episode 29 with Dr. and Mrs. Pitcairn-Vegan Dogs and Vegan DVMs

This episode is a little different. We talk dog nutrition. When we become plant based what do with do with feeding our companion animals. Dr. Pitcairn and his wife Susan are the authors of Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. They have been long time vegetarians and are now vegan. […]
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Podcast Episode 38 with Nelson Campbell-PlantPureNation

This episode features Nelson Campbell, the director of the newly released documentary PlantPureNation. This film features his 10 day jumpstart program taking ordinary folks and providing them with a whole foods plant based diet and observing the transformation. He documents metrics such as blood pressure, glucose, weight and cholesterol. The film also shows the involvement […]
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Podcast Episode 37 with Sharon Palmer, RD

Thanks for listening to Episode 37 with Sharon Palmer, RD. She is a registered dietitian and author. She has a very informative Blog: The PlantPowered Blog in which she presents scientific article reviews, recipes, and interviews. There you can register for her newsletter full of great weekly information as well. Her books: Plant Powered Diet:The […]
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Podcast: Episode 36 with Michaela Copenhaver

Welcome and thanks for listening. Today I speak with Michaela Copenhaver. She is an elite rower hoping to make the USA Olympic rowing team as a vegan. She eats plant based whole foods and is doing excellent as an elite rower. This sport combines strength and endurance. The spring season races are 2 kilometers of […]
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Podcast: Episode 35 with Karla Dumas RD

I had the pleasure of chatting with the registered dietitian for the American Humane Society, Karla Dumas. She is part of a unique program that the Humane Society has launched to educate and initiate institutions on developing Meatless Monday and Lean Green Days. They have developed a host of roll out materials and ideas to […]
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