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Podcast: Episode 31- Just me and Vinnie the cat

Just me this week for a shorter podcast.  I just wanted to take a week and reflect on how my practice and outlook has changed since starting the podcast and the plant based nutrition class in the office.    We have a lot to do to get the work out there that food is medicine […]
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Podcast: Episode 30 with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He is the author of many best selling books including, Eat to Live, The End of Dieting, Super Immunity, The End of Diabetes and The Eat to Live Cookbook. He has been practicing Nutritarian nutrition for over 25 years and it you look […]
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Podcast: Episode 29 with Dustin Rudolph, PharmD

Another PharmD that recognizes food as medicine just as Hippocrates suggested many years ago. Meed Dustin Rudolph, PharmD. He fulfilled his childhood dream to become a pharmacist and a successful one at that. He discovered the many health benefits of eating a whole food plant based diet and has written a book entitled: The Empty […]
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Podcast: Episode 28 with Evelisse Capó

Happy Earth Day one day late. I tried. Today’s episode features Dr. Evelisse Capó. She has her doctorate in Pharmacy but after learning about the health benefits of a plant based diet and witnessing first hand the poor nutrition in our hospitalized and nursing home patients, she decided to redirect her career to plant based […]
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Podcast: Episode 27 with Sharon Livingston PhD

Join me for a stimulating conversation with Dr. Sharon Livingston about food addiction and general feelings on eating. She brings up some great ideas to be present when eating instead of just grabbing food and eating without really enjoying the pleasure and nutrients. Her website gives some great ideas to try when you are […]
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Podcast: Episode 26 with Brenda Davis R.D.

It was a pleasure and honor to speak with Brenda Davis, RD. She is a wealth of knowledge as a vegan registered dietitian. She is an accomplished author of 9 books on the nutritional guidelines of plant based nutrition. Her book, Becoming Vegan: Comprehensive Addition, provides detailed information on how to be a healthy vegan. […]
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Podcast: Episode 25 with Gene Baur

Be plant strong. Be healthy. Be environmentally aware. Be compassionate. These are all things that Gene Baur so eloquently discusses in his book, Living and Farm Sanctuary Life. The stories are heart warming. It is nutritionally informative. It is a very positive and uplifting book. Gene has dedicated his life to easing the plight of […]
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Podcast: Episode 24 with Dr. Klaper

Ok, this is a true mentor podcast. If Dr. Klaper doesn’t make you want to be plant based then no one will. He is a dynamic speaker and compassionate physician. He knows his medicine and it is plants. Dr. Klaper is a physician at TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa, California. He presents the evidence […]
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Podcast: Episode 23 with Caryn Hartglass

This week I feature Caryn Hartglass from She has a weekly radio show call All About Food where she interviews guest involved in plant based food subject from gardeners to bee keepers to animal activist to crazy plant based cardiologist like me. She has been spreading the message about the benefits of a plant […]
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