Episode 105-Recap of the Second Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference

Thank you for listening. I am happy to announce the Second Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference was a success. The feedback was very positive. Dr Michael Klaper gave a 1.5 hour fabulous as aways presentation driving home the harms of the Standard American Diet and giving simple advise to becoming plant based. He shared his story as well as the stratagies used at TrueNorth Health Center to achieve a SOS free healthy diet. The Nutrition Professor, Timaree Hagenburger RD wasted no time wowing the audience with an upclose method to achieve your health goals becoming plant based. She showed the audience how to break the transition into small achievable steps. This was followed by a cooking demonstration of her daughter Mia’s version of the Sushi Salad. She showed chopping and prepping skills that were very helpful to those finding their way back into the kitchen. My talk recapped the Blue Zones and how science supports their plant based lifestye and how their lifestye is supported by science.
If you attended and enjoyed the conference leave me a comment on Feel free to email me at with questions. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at jaimeladulaney. I try to post a lot of our daily meals. I am available for telemedicine consults by contacting through email or the website.
Plant Strong and run long. See you after the Miami Marthon!

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