Episode 121-It Just Takes One to Change Many

Welcome and thank you for listening. This episode I discuss the positive impact that the United States Humane Society is having on university students around the country. I was fortunate to be invited to speak at their Food Forward event at Georgia State University. By educating the food service department on plant based meal options and the preparation, universities are offering many vegan option and even vegan dining halls. This translates into healthier students, less cost for the university, and is better for the environment. We also heard from groups connecting small farmers to food banks in North Carolina and Wholesome wave Georgia double SNAP dollars for vegetables and also connects local growers with those who need access to vegetables. It just takes one person reaching out to start a movement towards a healthier population. It is not about government but about people connecting with other people to show the way to healthier plant based nutrition. I hope you enjoy this presentation and I also hope it inspires you to reach out to others to create a healthier environment for everyone. Email me at with questions and check out my website at Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @jaimeladulaney. Have a great week.

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