Episode 122-Summertime Nutrition and More

Welcome and thanks for listening. I hope you are enjoying summer. To me that means the tropical fruits are ripening and my training is ramping up again for a fall Ironman. This week I discuss Mamey Sapote, a sweet orange fruit packed with fiber, vitamin c, minerals and beta caratenoids. We also discuss the basics. Simple food nutritious food such as corn and potatoes. Again packed with plenty of protein, vitamins and fiber. Add some green beans and beets and you can have a great nutritrious meal in less than thirty minutes. We often get caught up in recipes and sauces which cause us to stray from the kitchen and run to prepared foods already packaged with fatty, salty, chemical laiden sauces. It is great fun for some to create new recipes but if that is not your thing simply head for a plate of beans, greans, potatoes and another vegetable. For the teens who rebel remind them that Wimpy ate burgers and Gladiators were predomintately vegan. Have them check out the mixed martial art Champion Mac Danzig or the worlds strongest man Patrik Baboumian. Robert Cheeke is an accomplished vegan bodybuilder. There are many more and the number is growing. To recover from work outs our bodies need more antioxidants and phytonutirents to help decrease inflamation. There is plenty of protein tagging along in vegetables to grow muscle without the damaging effects of fat and free radicals. If you want the athletic edge; eat plant based.

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