Episode 78-Junk foood to Health food

It really is not that easy. If it were more people would be plant based. There are certainly obstacles and some may live in the same household. Be brave. Choose health. Stay strong. I enjoy every plant strong meal. Not only because they are nutrient dense but because they taste good. Experiment maybe one time per week and keep the good recipes that your family enjoy. Try a new vegetable or fruit each week. Check out Instagram for some healthy meals. The winner this week for me was eggplant bacon. I never really cared for pork bacon but this has a really good flavor.
Exercise is not going to cure you but it will add to your overall health by making your bones stronger and your body more efficient and flexible. Don’t accept loosing mobility as a part of aging. I recently did a yoga class on the beach and the instructor appeared at least in her sixties but her mobility was more in her twenties. Set goals and go for them. Don’t settle. You probably will not become the perfect plant strong vegan overnight but a step in the right direction each day adds up.
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