Happy Heart Month!

Happy Heart Day! Happy Valentine’s Day. What a great time to be a mender of hearts. Better yet what a great time to be a preventer of broken hearts. This episode is dedicated to my grandmothers both of which died of heart disease too young. Both had diabetes, the biggest risk factor for heart disease. It took me a long time to learn that these diseases are both preventable. Still 1 in 3 women will die from heart disease. That is significantly more than the 1 in 9 that develop breast cancer. The American Heart Association say that 80% of heart disease could be prevented with lifestyle modification. It then goes on to talk about medications and procedures never addressing how to reverse these lifestyle behaviors. Eat right? How right? Don’t smoke that is a no brainer one would think. Exercise? How much is good enough because studies have shown that if you sit for prolonged periods it negates the effect of exercise. Diabetes? How do you avoid it and better yet can your reverse it? Yes you can with a whole foods plant based diet. I hope you enjoy listening to my thoughts on the above. Email me at or contact me at Follow me on Instagram @jaimeladulaney to check out my meals. Better yet set up a telemedicine conference to discuss your plant of action. Spead some love this Valentine’s day even with a simple hello to a stranger or acknowledging your waitor or check out persion at the grocery store. Your heart will feel better and so will theirs.

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