Podcast: Alamo City Ultra Marathon and Running for your Health

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The Alamo City Ultra is in the books!  Thank you Rob Goyen and the Trails over Texas Ultra company for putting on a great 50 K ultra.  

What business does a 59 yr old physician from Florida have running in the woods in Texas?  What could possibly be gained from rocks, roots, heat, and railroad ties? Can you even eat plant based and run?  

Can you run your way to health?  If so, how long does it last?  Can you achieve ultra fitness then glide into the sunset without exercising any more? 

I did not realize I was born to run until I was 40.  I have never been called light on my feet or nimble.  But I do love a challenge and the chance to improve myself along my life’s journey.  

I hope you enjoy my running tails with a little health thrown in for good measure.  Thank you for listening!

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    Suzie Matthews

    Such an interesting story of the Ultra Run………didn’t realize there were so many different marathons………and you survived the ninety degree heat!

    The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ore’s do sound good,too! Ha! Ha!

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