Podcast: An Interview with Ocean Robbins: 31-Day Food Revolution

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  Today, I am honored to have Ocean Robbins as my guest.  He is the CEO of The Food Revolution Network at If you have not listened to these, I reccommend them.  He and his father interview many inspirational and knowledgable leaders in the healthy food, healthy world arena.  

Today we discuss the release of his new book; 31-Day Food Revolution-Heal your body, feel great, and transform your world.  It is available on Amazon as well as ther book retailers.  Check out his website

The book addresses the environmental as well as health reasons to choose plant based nutrition.  One of the points Ocean makes that I loved and also try to convey in my nutritional classes, is that we get joy from being around people that we love by our interactions.  It is the same way with our food.  By choosing live plant foods, and mindfully preparing them, we can experience joy and gratitude in sharing health with our friends and family, as well as contributing to a better ethical and healthy environment.  

I hope you enjoy this interview.  Don’t forget to check out to purchase your tickets for the 4th Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition ConferenceMarch 30, 2019. Email me at, with questions.

Thank you for listening.  

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