Podcast: Are you Cheering for Yourself?

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You are running a marathon and it is mile 17.  You can see the wall, and you feel like walking.  As you round the corner, the streets are full of cheering people urging you to go faster.  You pick up the pace.  The pain is gone and you feel like you are a winner.  The only difference is the crowd cheering.  

You are at your alma mater’s football game.  The score is tied with 50 seconds left.  You cheer like you have never cheered before.  You have become best friends with the fans around you.  Your team wins and you celebrate.  You feel the win as did the team because you helped them.  

Who cheers when you are trying to become healthy and are adopting a plant based diet? Most of the time there is no one cheering.  In fact, they want you to stop and join them in their indulging behaviors.  

Do you cheer for yourself? Most likely not.  Most likely, you beat yourself up because you are not obtaining your goals quick enough or you made a bad selection.  Can you possibly win, if everyone including yourself is cheering against you?  Perhaps, but your chances for success are a whole lot better if you believe in what your are doing, and stick to your plan of action.  

I share a story on this podcast that you might relate to.  We would love to be your cheerleaders and your support system that allows you to be healthy and off medications. Check out the website and sign up for our free monthly newsletter and blogposts.  If you think our practice might be what you need to reach your optimal health and wellness, give us a call and we would love to chat.  

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