Podcast: Can You Exercise Yourself Skinny?

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I am sure you have heard it takes so many minutes of exercising to burn off a donut? Some people say thy have a slow metabolism and cannot loose weight on any diet.  Some people say you need to eat to loose weight because you need to stoke your metabolism.  

According to Herman Pontzer, Phd and his new book Burn, this is not the case.  I have lived the exercise point.  Training for a marathon does not result necessarily in weight loss.  I have also seen people fast and loose considerable weight.  The bottom line is loosing weight is a negative energy balance and gaining is a positive energy balance.  But what about the quality of nutrients.  Is a donut equal to kale? 

I found Dr. Pontzer’s book,

very supportive of a plant based diet.  Yes energy is energy, but for optimum health we need to find a way to achieve a balance in nutrients and fulfillment.   I hope you enjoy my discussion. 

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