Podcast: Congestive Heart Failure, what you need to know to prevent it.

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!  This episode is about congestive heart failure.  It is a condition that result from the inability of the heart to keep up with the metabolic needs of the body.  There are many causes, but more importantly many ways to avoid it, and successfully treat it. 

Make this holiday season one of the healthiest by decreasing you and your families risk of congestive heart failure by following a low sodium plant based oil free diet.  

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Email me at with questions.  

Thank you for listening!

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    Charles Culp

    Thank you Doctor Dulaney for explaining what congestive heart failure is! That is a term that I have heard used in many discussions and have never had a real understanding of what it is in such splendid detail. Too bad that many physicians seem to avoid explaining what is occurring and may be reluctant to discuss with their patient who is questioning their diagnosis.

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