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Have you ever heard it takes two to tango? That is what I feel the degradation of healthcare has become.  It is certainly not about the patient anymore.  But we physicians are playing way too big of a role in poor healthcare.  

Do it yourself labs, glucose monitoring, google searches are only as good as the people providing the answers.  Who is asking why? Symptoms are placed in an algorithms and a treatment based on pharmacology is initiated.  Rarely, do we stop and ask why does a person have these symptoms.  What caused my body to malfunction?   The quickest answer is my genetics or bad luck. It is similar to the ad on tv when the doctor says I hope we get lucky and you make it.  Yikes.  Good luck or bad luck is not a reasonable explanation to help someone get better or prevent it from happening again as in the case of bad luck. 

Stop.  Take your own pulse and a nice diaphragmatic breath, and start asking why.  That includes doctors as well as patients.  Our bodies are amazing, but they are not machines with individual parts.  Our systems are integrated.  Mess with one part or biologic reaction or movement and you will influence many more.  

Let’s start with taking poisons out in the form of toxic exposures, and chemical based foods and add real food, grown free of contaminates.  Let’s move our bodies like they were designed to move and not rely so much on things that limit our movements.  

We will continue to provide healthy ways to improve health span. 

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