Podcast: Dwight Eisenhower and Reversing Heart Disease. Are we doing a better job?

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As they say, “You’ve come a long way baby”.  Or not.   Dwight Eisenhower died of a heart attack in 1969.  War on heart disease was declared by then Vice President Nixon.  It seems that the war on heart disease has been our longest war with many casualties.  About 650,000 die each year for 52 years is about 33 million people through 2021.   Not to belittle this, but the deaths from World War II were in the 60 million arena.  

There are many opinions on why we have not got a handle on heart disease despite all of the interventions and medications available.  We all agree that diet plays a great role, because everyone says to eat a healthy diet to prevent heart disease.  But what is a healthy diet?  

The short answer is not to worry about enough of but focus on the too much of concept.  After World War II, there was a valid concern that we could not feed the human population.  Agribusiness stepped in with nitrogen based fertilizers and the development of mono-crops such as corn, soybean and wheat spread wildly. Now we have food within eye shot of most hours of the day.  You can even get dinner at the gas station.  So is it the gas companies that are the blame for heart disease? 

Waste not want not.  How do we stop eating all of the food that is available?  Do we need a pill?  Or can we do some simple changes that help a lot. Let’s talk.  Thanks for listening. 

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