Podcast Episode 162-The Incredible Shrinking Bearded Man

Welcome and thank you for listening. Today I am honored to have Jeff Koettel on the show. Jeff has struggled with his weight most of his life trying numerous fad diets and hitting a maximum weight of 500 pounds. Today, Jeff attributes adopting a simple plant based nutrition plan to his ability to maintain his weight at 220 pounds. He shares his struggles with the various weight loss plans and the mental anguish associated with regaining weight. Most of these fad weight loss programs are just that; temporary weight loss solutions. They are designed for a quick weight loss and are willing to have you sign up again to repeat their programs after you have regained your weight. The media is flooded with advertisements showing thin beautiful people indulging in fatty, oily, sweet processed foods leading the us to believe that it is possible to control the intake of these things and everything is fine in moderation.
Jeff shares his story and gives some great tips that he uses to keep things simple while working long hours. He also shares how he deals with people who continue to temp him to eat poorly despite knowing what he has been through. I hope you find his story as inspirational and please check out his Facebook page that links to his Youtube page as well:
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