Podcast: Episode 32 – The Doc and Vinnie the cat strike again

Welcome to the 32nd episode. Happy Birthday to my daughter Addie. Budding nutritionist. This episode discusses the lecture and dinner I attended with Dr. Furhman. There are some exciting new things on the horizon with more plant based physicians getting together in southwest Florida. Always great to have more people using food as medicine. The age old question is how to get more people willing to change their diet and try healing with whole plant foods with no risk versus all of the side effects with medications and procedures. I encourage you to ask questions and no the risks of the medications and how they work and what evidence there is that they do work. Your physician should walk the walk and promote health not represent disease. If you are not having a heart attack then angioplasty and stent placement will only get rid of your chest pain and not prevent future heart attacks or death. A plant based diet on the other hand can. Thanks for listening

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