Podcast: Hoka Rocky 50 Mile Race Ups and Downs

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The Hoka One One Rocky 50 Mile Trail race is in the books.  I finished.  It was not too rocky, and I did not see a raccoon.  However, I did see the leaves, roots, and pine needles up close and personal. 

We got to practice a different terrain, run in the dark, and run in the cold from sunup until dark. 

However, this plant-based cardiologist still needs practice in plant based ultra-running nutrition. 

It was a wonderful day playing outside in the woods. I think we all need a little more play in nature.  It allows living in the moment uninterrupted by the outside world.  It was not about 50 miles but 5.7-mile segments and 16.7-mile loops.  It was about watching for orange reflector ribbons hanging in trees to guide the way up the trail. It was about watching for roots and picking my feet up appropriately.  It was about timing of calorie intake every 30-40 minutes.  It was about being grateful for the volunteers spending the day in the woods to help runners achieve their goals. It was about being grateful to have the opportunity to run.  I heard the wind and the birds, and the music at the finish line coming across the lake.  I heard people coming up behind me with their poles clanking on roots, and I heard the falls of people tripping over roots. I saw the welcoming and cheering faces of Addie and Caleb as I can in from my second loop.  Finally, I saw the race directors cheering for me at the finish line waiting to give me a high five on the finish of day forever memories. 

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    Great job on the 50 miler!! Hard to get nutrition correct on these long ultras. I usually feel sick after – dehydrated not sure why

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