Podcast: Holiday Survival Tip and Boosting Your Mitochondria

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  We had a fabulous potluck yesterday with the members of the practice.  It is hard to imagine why anyone would struggle with food choices when such great plant based recipes are everywhere. 

The holiday season is a time for friends and families to come together to celebrate another year and the light that brings us all together.  Eating healthy makes the enjoyment all the more positive. 

However, nutrition alone is not able to keep us agile and healthy.  We need to move.  Those people that say that grain is bad because it is relatively new in terms of human existence never seem to mention another new thing to humans and that is a sedentary lifestyle.  The easy button is really new! Don’t cook, don’t walk, don’t go outside but please have a seat in this comfy recliner.  I am going to present two paths to choose in today’s podcast with real life examples.  I hope it motivates your to move more and celebrate your health with those around you. 

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    Chuck Culp

    Thank you for another excellent talk. Your advice is something that I look forward to receiving. Your advice to implement simple steps, to increase our physical health, is a welcome reminder, that everyday activities count as exercising. Wishing you and your family, a happy and healthy new year 😁! Peace, Chuck ✌🏻

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