Podcast: How Surviving a Marathon is a lot like Surviving the Holiday Season Plant Based

Welcome and Thank you for listening. I finished the marathon but it did not go as I had wished. I probably should have seen it coming and adjusted accordingly, but it was the last marathon of the year, and I wanted to make sure I gave it my all. Unfortunately, my all occurred at about mile 7 and then it was 19 miles of survival.
It is a lot like the holiday season from a nutrition view. You start out with good intentions and then get derailed and just try to survive. In the days leading up to the marathon I became focused on a time that I could run that would make me happy, and a time that I could run if I had a miraculous race, without taking into consideration of my physical state. I did not come out of the Ironman race without some minor injuries in October which left me 8 weeks to recover from an Ironman and get ready for the marathon. I just hoped that the training would sort itself out, and I would be ready. I almost was. We fool ourselves into thinking we are ready for the challenge and then somehow just go on autopilot when it is the most dangerous time to not be hyperaware.
So when you go to the holiday parties without much of a plan or go shopping for those gifts for coworkers and friends, have a plan that is detailed and follow it. Have a back up plan for the unexpected. Regular Christmas cookies are plant based nutrition explosives made with butter, oils, sugar, eggs and white flour. Corn syrup and white sugar is everywhere. If it is not sweet, it is filled with some form of cheese and salt. Make rules. Bring something you can eat. Give others gifts of health instead of derailing them as well. Gift cards to health food stores for the mailman and other service people will be welcomed versus another tin of buttered cookies.
We are having the 4th Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference March 30, 2019. Tickets to this life changing positive event would make a great Holiday Gift. You can find more information at Please check out the website at for information about our practice, free recipes, weekly blog and much more. Email me at with questions.
Thank you for listening.

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    Happy you made it all the way through the marathon
    Considering some physical difficulties !!
    You are an inspiration for all of us !

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