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Intangibles as defined by Webster’s dictionary, are things unable to be touched, or are vague and abstract.  They are not easily grasped or precisely measurable.  This episode will try to shed some light on how we might train intangibles on a journey to becoming plant based. 

Should you get dental x-rays when asymptomatic or before a dentist has even examines your mouth? I might be ranting about that as well.  We don’t ask why and how that might benefit my health near enough in our health care decisions. 

Corporate sponsors of the ADA include but not limited to Henry Schein Corp. (an S&P Fortune 500 company providing dental practice solutions), Cogate, Proctor and Gamble, Crest and Waterpik just to name a few.  So just like the AMA, policy is heavily influenced by corporate interests. 

Can you wait until you are older to change to a healthy diet? There is certainly benefit at any age, but I discuss some recently published studies linking early age diet with later health costs and illness. 

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    Cheryl Miklaszewski

    I love it when you touch on many different things but you tie it all up together in the end❣️ Good thing to remember…”train from where you are”…comparison is a killer!

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