Podcast: Interview with Author of Running from Cancer, Greg Schnoor

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Today I have a guest interview with Greg Schnoor.  He is a brain cancer survivor and ultramarathon runner.  He was diagnosed inadvertently with brain cancer in his thirties while undergoing evaluation for recurring sinus infections.  His first reaction was how will my children remember me? He attributes his success on a persistent positive mental attitude and running.  Running long.  He took up running during his chemotherapy and has never quit. 

Running with Cancer is an inspiring book even if you don’t run or don’t have cancer.  The basic premise is savoring.  Savoring each moment in life and finding the positive in every situation. 

Life is too short to sit on the sidelines.  I hope this book allows you to savor each day making memories that will last for lives to come. 

To check out Gregs cancer running journey visit his website

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