Podcast: Interview with Badwater Water 135 Ultramarathon oldest Finisher Bob Becker

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Today I am honored to have Bob Becker from Ultrasportllc join me to discuss his recent Badwater 135 finish becoming the oldest finisher of the race at 77 years young.  It is not his first record at Badwater.  He set the record at age 70 for the first to complete the 146 mile course from the Badwater basin to the summit of Mt Whitney.  He ran his first ultra at age 60!

Do you have to run 100 miles to stay healthy?  Probably not.  But we do know that successful aging requires a sense of purpose, social interactions, a positive mental attitude, and a lot of moving.  Bob checks all of those boxes with a dose of humility and gratitude.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this interview.

Just a few of his race finishes:

2020: Pony Express 100 mile race Utah

2020: Won 24 hr race in Ft Lauderdale Icarus ultrafest 96 miles

September 2019: overall winner and record holder for Race for the Ages in Mn Tenn.  230 miles in 74 hours

2019: Brazil 135 mile race

2017: oldest finisher of Javelina Jundred in Arizona

2016: Mt Goolagong ultra in Teng Chong, China

2015: Badwater 135 then summited Mt Whitney at 146 miles then back to basin for 252 miles


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