Podcast: Is Your Current Exercise Routine Enough to Decrease Your Risk of Cancer and Cardiovascular disease?

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Camp Mom Mom is over and we are headed out to Leadville to volunteer at the 100 mile trail race at Hope Pass.  Perhaps, we will see you there.  

Is your weekly exercise good enough to reduce cardiovascular disease and cancer?  Do you know what moderate aerobic activity, moderate to vigorous aerobic activity, moderate strength activity means in terms of duration and level of exertion.  Tune in.  You pickle ball folks are in for a shocker. 

What foods are high in niacin?  Is a high HDL a good thing?  

Most people listening to this podcast agree nutrition can promote or decrease lifestyle diseases.  But what about the clothes we wear?  BPA is a hormone disruptor linked to many cancers.  It is found in cans, plastic bottles, pipes and resins.  But did you know your sports bra and tights may also be a significant source?  

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