Podcast: Reducing Cardiovascular Risk Factors

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Are we at the mercy of our genetics?  Should we just accept our fate as being genetically flawed is some way or another.  There is talk about plasticity of the brain or forming new circuits.  Body builders change their shape through specific workouts.  We can become runners after starting a couch to 5 K program.  So why do we think we cannot change our genetic fate when it comes to cancer or cardiovascular disease. 

Most allopathic physicians focus on testing and following disease progression.  I  even heard  from a patient that was told by a cardiologist that he will know when he needs him.  Why wait until you already have disease?  The only preventative therapy is medication in the world of sick care.   Take as much as you can tolerate before side effects become intolerable.  

One such example is the release of new medications that become part of protocols that everyone with a diagnosis receives.  No individual evaluation.  One size fits all.  A pharmaceutical representative educates providers with the study results.  There is only time for the conclusion.  There is no discussion of the actual patients studied or of the patients that were rejected from the study because of intolerances.  Just prescribe the new drug and eat a free lunch.

However, you can greatly influence your longevity through nutrition and exercise.  Start the journey and continue to grow and build your comfort levels.  Track your wins or progress.  Note how you feel after exercise or eating well.  And if you would like some guidance or support, check out our website to see how you can become a member of our practice.

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