Podcast: The Diva Does 90

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  I have added running to the title of the podcast given I have been talking about it so often.  I believe wellness must include movement as well as nutrition and running is certainly my favorite movement.  

Happy Birthday Diva!  She is certainly a mover and a shaker in all the ways.  Today, I would like to share some highlights from her surprise birthday party.  Most people who know my mother consider her an inspiration.  Perhaps you would like to learn a few secrets from my observations of the Diva.  

I hope this episode gives you the encouragement to party plant based in the future.  I think I may have discovered a little trick to pulling it off. 

Enjoy this episode and thank you for listening.  Email me at with questions. 


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    Chuck Culp

    Happy Birthday Diva! Your mother sounds amazing, Dr. Dulaney! I hope I’m doing this well when I reach 90.

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