Podcast: They Don’t Know What They Are Missing

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  Have you ever heard of Falafalous Freekah Patties? How about Spanish Quinoa sauté? How many meals do you eat each week that have no ties to a box? Do you take time to appreciate your plate before consuming the food?  Are kitchen tasks something to be avoided, so take out is the answer? 

I think a large portion of the people out there are being duped into thinking what they eat doesn’t really matter.  If it tastes good and its quick, eat it.  They have no idea the potential power that  real food has.  Real food is the food that actually possesses nutrients that your body can use to heal and maintain health.  The majority of food consumed provides a excessive energy or calories and even more metabolic wastes that slowly accumulate resulting in disease or sickness.  

Perhaps there is a status of not having to cook for yourself or eating out at up scale restaurants.  Duped again.  While you sit at the table deteriorating, the so called chefs in the back  are often loading plates with salted, buttered food that sizzles, distracting you from the real lack of anything that your body can actually use for nutrition. 

There is a positive side.  This episode will share the joy of cooking and creating health in the kitchen as I highlight what goes on in the day of a Dulaney Nutrition class.  They are learning not to settle for food that will not nourish their body as well as please their palate. 

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