Podcast: Treasure Coast Marathon with Hutch Strahm

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I am joined on this episode with apprentice endurance athlete in training Pastor Hutch Strahm.  We ran the Treasure Coast marathon this past weekend together along with Michael Hubbard.  It was the first marathon ever for Hutch who had not run a step in many years.  He started his plant based journey after multiple coronary stents, hypertension, diabetes and obesity.  Fourteen months ago he decided he wanted to run a marathon.  

This podcast is a recap of his journey and the marathon.  We hope this encourages you to take on a challenge of your own, and achieve optimal health through exercise and plant based nutrition.  

If you would like join our practice, reverse lifestyle diseases, or train for an endurance event, go to and check out what our practice has to offer.  What are you waiting for? Go get healthy!

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    Bruce & Victoria peterson

    Congratulations so proud of all you and your accomplishments you are a wonderful example and encouragement and life-changing wellness of health.

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    Suzie Matthews

    Fantastic podcast!!! Congratulations to Hutch for a great job…….
    Dr. Dulaney is GOLD….she goes the extra mile and gives us all the time of day…….is everyone’s friend……..she really does help people who want to be helped ……..
    If I didn ‘t dance two to four hours a day my second choice would be running!!!!

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    Wow….that was amazing! You rock Dr Dulaney….totally rock!!

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