Podcast: Vegan Diet Wins a Controlled Trial

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Finally we have a randomized controlled study on a plant based diet versus an omnivore diet.  It was only 2 months, but it gives a lot of information to contemplate.  

We are by history omnivores.  That means we digest meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.  Buts should we?  The problem with most studies is that they rely on food diaries.  As you well know, they are highly inaccurate.  People report what they think you want to hear or the supposed “right answer” a lot of the time, and this has even been shown in numerous psychological studies.  However, in this short study, the food was supplied.  They also had a twin to keep them honest and compete with. 

In as little as 2 months, the plant based twins saw a statistically significant improvement over the omnivore group with regard to lifestyle disease risk factors and weight. 

Two month or 8 weeks!.  They saw results.  The debate is over.  It works if you do it.  The if is the big question.  How do you sustain a healthy plant based diet?  It is not as hard as some people would like you to believe.  You don’t need potato starch paper to put supplements on to swallow.  You don’t need to eat dehydrated soup for every meal or count your blueberries.  You need a goal and simple meals. 

I am training for a 100 mile foot race on plants.  My recovery is excellent.  My muscles are not wasting.  My energy is good.  Take your own challenge.  Surprise your doctor.  Surprise your friends.  Learn more about our practice.  Join us to spread the health.  Visit the website at

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    Joseph Stamp

    Great piece! Still have my biking going strong and enjoy your cerntruty run in January!

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