Podcast: Visit with Naples Green Scene

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The format of this episode is a little different.  It is a recording of my book signing and talk in Naples Florida along with a Q and A.  I hope you enjoy the discussions.  It is quite informal.  I enjoyed getting to know many of the folks there.  There were cancer survivors, those that had reversed cardiovascular disease, athletes and folks interested in becoming plant based.  

Meet-up groups are a great way to find like minded individuals.  Early innovators help spread the word that plant based nutrition can prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases.  Eating colorful living food is a big part of a healthy active lifestyle.  Our cookbook provides simple recipes that are just that.  Colorful and nutrient dense for the whole family to enjoy.  It is great being around individuals that want to take responsibility for their health and question traditional wait and watch protocols that are often more money generating than health generating.  

We welcome questions at our practice and we are dedicated to spending time with our members to help them reach optimal health and wellness.  I am not against traditional medicine when indicated.  However, nutrition must be the bedrock of health and wellness.  Check our our website at and sign up for our newsletter or blogpost.  If you would like to take control of your own health and wellness, send us an email to schedule a free consultation to see if the practice is right for you.  

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Thank you for listening. 

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