Podcast: What to do if you fall off the Wagon

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Social media is filled with perfection and success stories.  But what about the outtakes?  What about the slip ups?  Live is an individual journey with bumps and curves.  Why do we always expect it to go exactly how we dream of it to go?  In 90 days you to can……We always get suckered into thinking the rest of the people do it with ease and yet we have to struggle.  That does not mean to give up on dreams and goals.  It just means that we will have to navigate the obstacles along the way. 

There are many obstacles in the way of good health.  The path is a little different for all of us.  However, there are a few common keys to success.  

Optimal health and wellness does not come from a procedure, a pill, a cream, or from a box.  It is not without effort, and that means a little sweat and inconvenience.  It is not without setbacks and obstacles.  

If you are up for a little effort, I believe we can support your journey though plant based eating and daily movement to optimum health and wellness. Enjoy the podcast.  Thank you for listening.   Email me at  and visit our website at

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    Suzie Matthews

    Really good podcast….always enjoy them….
    I actually started running about two weeks ago and added more squats and lunges daily…….not a fast run…just a slow jog getting the feet off the ground….always feel so good after all this….need to stay strong and active for the “ Brady Brunch”…ha,ha!
    Still working on the plant base diet…find it so much better to cook at home…keeping the salt sugar and oils out!
    You are a truly great inspiration!!

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