Podcast: Who Put Collagen in My Oatmeal?

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My summer vacation from Florida to Houston and Houston to Florida was a celebration of four generations of family all thriving on a plant-based diet and movement.  Running, swimming and celebrating all while eating plant based.    It would be easy to give up our nutritional lifestyle and eat like the rest of American from fast food restaurants and service stations full of sugar, salt and fat.  Driving across Interstate 10 from the Florida panhandle to Houston, Texas the scene varied little.  Obesity, pale complexions, and difficulty walking were the norm. 

I did make a nutritional mistake and purchased Purely Elizabeth Oatmeal that contained BOVINE COLLAGEN.  It was right on the front label, and I missed it!

Who would think there is cow ligaments in oatmeal?

The collagen subject comes up as much as protein consumption.  In reality, collagen is a type of protein made of amino acids that we can make and process.  Taking in collagen protein is no different than eating animal protein.  It is broken down into the component amino acids and reassembled into proteins that the body may need.  Collagen is marketed widely to help with skin, wound healing, bone healing and digestion.  OR…. Our bodies can make it given plant proteins, along with vitamin C, E, and zinc.  I will give you some reasons why taking a little more vitamin c is much better than eating dehydrated chicken feet to build collagen. 

The choice to stay plant based and exercise while traveling is yours.  It may not be the same as at home but taking the stairs and getting in some walks along with eating a health nutrient diet will go a long way to vacation success. 

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    Amazing how mortally corrupt the food industry has become……what percentage of the population on the planet even knows about the food industry lies!

    I eat more oatmeal than any other food and I use Bobs Red-mill gluten free due to Nancy’s intolerance and cross contamination……..just scary!
    Thanks for the great info

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    Glyphosate Free oatmeal from One Degree Organic Foods (available in bulk at Costco) is my go to!

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