Podcast: Work Horse versus Race Horse

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Burro racers will tell you that a burro needs to feel safe in order to try something new.  He will not be lured into a bad situation as he sees it.  Horses are much more about pushing to the limits and need a variety of coaching to reach their potential.  

When we discuss lifestyle changes with people, we need to know how they react to various forms of coaching.  

Some people join a bootcamp that have not exercised in years only to get beat up in the first few sessions by a drill master that is trying to whip everyone in shape.  They get injured and never go back, and reinforce why they are not cut out for the change. Some people are over the top and need a coach to actually slow them down before they hurt themselves.  Finally, there are those that continue steady forward progress completing step after step with a continued eye on the goal.  Knowing which type you are is important when you decide to embark on lifestyle changes. 

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Enjoy the episode and do the fitness test to see where you are with regard to a healthy lifestyle.

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