Are you ready to begin your healthiest year yet?

While reaching your health goals requires forming intentional habits consistently over a period of time, these habits do not have to be large. Small, attainable changes that you can make daily will get you to your goals. Let us help you form a foundation for 2023 over the first 31 days of the year! 

We are here to teach you the WHY and the HOW to a healthy plant based lifestyle. 

Join us for a building challenge over the month of January. Each day will begin with a new challenge. While you may be doing some of the daily challenges already sporadically, doing them daily might be new. They may seem simple but again, you are going to be adding a new challenge every day.


This challenge is for people looking to begin a healthier lifestyle with movement & plant based nutrition. Whether you are new to plant based eating or familiar with healthy nutrition and in need of a restart. 


A 31 day building challenge. Throughout the month you will be emailed daily challenges involving both nutrition and movement. These challenges will build upon one another. Meaning, you will put in place the daily habit set for Day 1. Then on Day 2 you will do both Day 1 & 2, so no and so forth.  In addition to these challenges recipes and fitness suggestions will be provided throughout the month. 


Because we believe reaching your health goals starts with small, attainable daily habits being formed. We will be teaching you the WHY and the HOW with small attainable goals being accomplished throughout the month. You will finish January with a strong foundation to carry you further into 2023. Your journey starts at the beginning of the new year. Will you be joining us? 


For $80.00 ($2.58/day) you can join us for this daily January challenge. Click the link below to purchase your entry. You can also email us at for more information or for assistance signing up.

Share the gift of health with others! Entry into this healthy new year kick start could also be a great holiday gift to someone you know who might be interested in beginning the new year in a healthier way.

We will be closing entry to this program on December 28th. Please email us at with any questions you may have. We are excited to start 2023 with you!