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January – A time to start the next challenge!

Each month within our practice, I host a wellness challenge of sorts. We go from steps to strength training, circuits to mobility, cardio minutes to nutrition check-ins. It is a way to up the ante if you will. You may be doing very well with your nutrition and wellness but feel in a rut. January […]
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Podcast: Is Your Nutrition on Autopilot?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!  Are you on nutrition autopilot?  Do you skip breakfast or grab a smoothie then graze your way into lunch? Is your desk drawer at work filled with snacks that don’t count in your nutrition log?  Have you planned dinner, or will you just grab something on the way home?  […]
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Blogpost: Too Young to Die

I never thought it would be this soon. He wasn’t in very good health, but I didn’t think he would die. Those words are all too familiar. Too young, too soon. What could have been done. I became a physician to try to decrease the times those words would be spoken. Thirty four years later […]
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