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Podcast: Visit with Naples Green Scene

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  The format of this episode is a little different.  It is a recording of my book signing and talk in Naples Florida along with a Q and A.  I hope you enjoy the discussions.  It is quite informal.  I enjoyed getting to know many of the folks there.  There […]
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Blogpost: Ultra-processed

Even physicians are capable of giving the nutritional advise of decreasing processed food. Of course that is about as generic as exercise more and eat healthy. How about the words on a cereal box. “Part of a complete breakfast” And now we have ultra processed which is processed to the nth degree. Where do we […]
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Blogpost: Rehabilitation, Recovery, and Training; They are All the Same

Betty Ford may have been the one to change rehabilitation into a positive word. Rehabilitation used to be associated with substance addiction treatment for the most part. As orthopedic procedures became more advanced and aggressive, rehabilitation was something athletes did. It is now a standard part of orthopedic procedures, and inpatient centers allow patients to […]
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Blogpost: I get to..

I have to go to work. I get vacation days. I have to go to the dentist. I get to go out to dinner. We have an attitude about the experience before we ever start to do it just by how we frame it. You may be thinking that I will never look forward to […]
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