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Podcast: Thank you Samantha

Welcome! and thank you for listening.  I am a plant based cardiologist and also a vegan.  As many of you know our family has rescue dogs and cats.  This week I had to say goodbye to my beloved GSD rescue, Samantha.  It was more that she rescued me from the heart break of losing a […]
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Blogpost: Boosting Immunity and Have Faith

Somewhere along the way, we lost our childlike faith that our bodies are amazingly resilient and can handle most of what our environment throws at us. Perhaps it was after a trauma or just living enough years to know that bad things can happen to good, unsuspecting people. Of course there is another way to […]
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Podcast: Learning from Julie and Nannette

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Today I have two guests, Nannette Rogers and Julie Kermond.  They are both teachers, but now they do their work outside of the classroom.  It this does not inspire you, then you need to take a walk and listen again.  Nannette is 84 and Julie is 76.  They are […]
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Where do you get your motivation from?

Tuesday Tips from your plant strong Dietitian, Addie D Majnaric! You have to be motivated to accomplish a goal, especially the goal of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle change. You have to have something that sparks your fire on days when you are feeling less than your best or discouraged about your progress. While it […]
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Blogpost: Why be Plant Based If I am not Bullet Proof?

People claim to be vegan if they do not consume or utilize animal products or those products tested on animals. People practicing plant based nutrition don’t eat animal products and eat predominately unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Then there is the combination vegan-plant based, sugar, oil, salt free plant based and raw vegan. Obviously, the more […]
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