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Marilyn Zimdars

The personal care is AMAZing and is how everybody should have their healthcare!.

. This kind of care gives me hope to accomplish the numerous goals I was not sure how to accomplish on my own, nor with the numerous other doctors/people that …

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Craig Schermerhorn

Great knowledge;ege base and a great communicator. Would make a wonderful physician for any vegetarian.

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I just love Dr. Jami and her staff! You’re treated like a family member and never feel uncomfortable. They spend time with you going over your concerns and you never feel rushed. 💜

Rachel Mane

I was so excited when I came in and no one else was waiting. It showed that it wasn't just going to be in and out. Everyone took the time to ask and answer plenty of questions. I left feeling confident that I could definitely succeed. I've …

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It is always Great with the good people there. THANK YOU!

Laura Ryder

Dr Dulaney is so in tune with the human body and our nature. I’m healing with her guidance!!!

Office is a friendly comforting space Dawn and Barbara are truly dedicated to Dr Dulaney ‘s mission of self healing. I’m truly happy and grateful …

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Julia Richardson

Amazing! Very supportive and level of knowledge and caring is off the charts!

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Barbie Siegal

I am out of words to say, finding Dr. Dulaney has been a miracle in my life. She really cares about her patients, I am not just a number but a priority. I text her daily and within minutes she responds. My diabetes has improved within weeks…

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joanne welling

Super thumbs up. So nice to have a Dr. Who really listens to you and spends time and really wants you to succeed. Thank you so much.

Donna Berry

We just recently moved to Florida and were so lucky to have found a family doctor that not only supports a Plant-based diet, she is a role model for healthy living! Does your doctor think eating healthy is so important that they have a …

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Dr. Dulaney always puts my mind at ease. Thanks for being kind and considerate.

Chris Berry

Our family is very excited to work towards better health through a plant-based diet. What a great staff. They are encouraging my whole family including my wife and mother.

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Dr. Dulaney is the best Doctor I have ever had. She takes her time with you and goes over everything and maps out a plan to improve your health. I went from an a1c of 9.8 to an a1c in the 5’s. I feel very lucky and grateful to have her as …

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Scott Sobbry

I recommend Dr Dulaney all the time she and her staff are the best I have ever experienced I I was so lucky to find her. This is the best and most caring medical practice I have ever seen.

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Caring. Deeply wants you to be successful and achieve maximum health and wellness. Appointment times are always respected and on time. Great support staff. Offers and instructs nutrition classes that include shopping and cooking. Writes …

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Great as always, feel like everyone really cares!

Debbie Dendinger

Dr Dulaney and her staff are amazing!

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Jo Carlton

I feel so much better about my plant based journey after talking with Dr. Dulaney! She was comforting and reassuring. I'm going to live the rest of my life knowing that with a few dietary changes, I can live with health and vitality ! 😊

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Linda Hollingsworth

I believe that Dr. Dulaney is a true healer, doing it the way it SHOULD BE DONE !

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Friendly office. Personalized healthcare. Holistic approach.

Lynda Albert

Dr. Dulaney gives you all the tools to easily make the transition from a Standard American Diet to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle. She is helping her patients not only make the transition but eliminate the medications they have been …

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R Willard

Great doc. Very compassionate.

Highly recommend.

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robert barrett

What a privilege to have practically unlimited access to Dr. Dulaney! She is a leader in the fields of cardiology and wellness and the person I trust most for medical and nutritional advice.

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Jackie Burnham

DrJami Dulaney is my 'go to' podcast practitioner (along with Dr Michael Greger) to learn more about the wholefood plant based lifestyle and to get support on all aspects of healthy living. Her medical knowledge greatly enhances her chatty …

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Barbara Martino

Finally! A doctor who is interested in improving my health with lifestyle, not prescriptions. A great experience from start to finish. I'm so thrilled to have found her, even though it's an hour drive from our home.

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Leslie Nielsen

Dr. Dulaney is a wonderful caring Dr. I first met Dr Dulaney at a Whole Food Plant Based Seminar at Fawcett Hospital. That got me started on my Journey. She is a Cardiologist and now a Primary Care Physician due to the fact she cares …

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Suzette Trainor

I’ve just started as a patient with Dr. Dulaney and knew her before from previous triathlon adventures. I’m very excited to have her as my doctor and learning how to be plant based. I feel very confident I’m in good hands with her and her …

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Rosemary Gallo

If you want a doctor who truly cares about you, you must make Dr. Jaimela Dulaney your internal medicine doctor and cardiologist. I began seeing Dr. Jaime back in 2000 as my cardiologist with no regrets. Now I am relieved to have her as my …

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Sharon Allen

Been happily kept alive a nd well year after year under her care..what else can I say?!?

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I love how I'm changing. When I sit with my friends at cards and they are all complaining about their newest aches and pains. They tout how it can't be helped they are getting older now. I just sit quietly and feel proud of my self for the…

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Ruth Oberlin

Dr Dulaney deserves more than five stars. She has helped me immensely with my health and diet. I have gone vegan 99%of the time and vegetarian the other 1% and I feel great. I would have never thought that your diet can make such a …

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Patricia August

I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Dulaney to my friends and acquaintences. She doesn't just write a prescription and send you on your way. She gets to the heart if your problem and then encourages a healthy diet and lifestyle. I …

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Gerald Allen

Dr Dulaney is the best. She pulls no punches. She is direct and to the point. I highly recommend Dr Dulaney.

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Kathy Bigham

I now eat a whole food plant based diet with "no-oil". I got off all my meds and feel great! Dr. Dulaney "walks the walk" herself and is the first Dr. I have found who seeks alternatives to medication. Love her and would highly recommend …

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Carrie Glenn

Dr. Dulaney is a cutting edge plant based cardiologist who has changed my life forever. Her innovative practice is revolutionary and focused on me as a whole person rather than a segmented version of myself. A dedicated meat/ice cream lover…

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Elle Peeler

Dr. Dulaney's plant-based nutrition class has truly changed my life. I was 215 lbs and despite being in my 30's was on a plethora of drugs. I came to her answering an ad for a job position, never knowing I would find the path to good health…

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Michael Pry

We are just so very fortunate to have such a compassionate caring cardiologist here in the Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area. From Dr Dulaney's wonderfully efficient and kind staff to the wealth of information available, one can say we are …

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Dr. Dulaney has been one of my doctors for many years. I have recommended her to all my friends and they too love her — and her staff. The entire team has been together for years and that tells you something in my book. A solid team that works well together like a well-oiled machine. You are treated like a person and part of a family group.

~ Suzy Hackett

Thanks Dr. Dulaney and Dawn for putting me on the path to recovery and better ongoing health. My headaches have subsided, I have more energy and am now sleeping 7-8 hours a night, my blood pressure is down to normal, and I no longer have anxiety issues. We wife and I both have fully adopted your plant based way of life and will continue with it long term. We feel so much better!

~ Larry Oberlin

Just wanted to tell everyone what Dr. Dulaney 's eating plan has done for our dad and our family. My dad has heart problems and Dr. Dulaney stressed the importance to him and the rest of us that he desperately needed to change his eating habits. So the family decided to change theirs too. We were all overweight and ate poorly. My dad could not walk very far without getting out of breath. Now he walks two miles a day without stopping. He has lost 38 pounds since February. He feels fantastic. Each one of my family members has lost about the same amount of weight. We drink a green smoothie every morning to get us going. This is not a hard thing to do. There are so many ways to fix the food nowadays.

Thanks Dr. Dulaney. Your classes were helpful in getting us started.

~ The Driscols

Having read several books/articles on Plant Based Nutrition I decided to attend Dr. Dulaney’s class. Having her share her knowledge on the subject in person was very helpful. She also demonstrated how easy it is to prepare oil free, plant based meals. I gained confidence in my ability to cook and maintain an oil free plant based diet.

~ Jim Jackson- Fort Myers, Florida

My husband and I attended Dr. Dulaney's class focusing on plant based nutrition last fall. We both needed a heart healthy diet. The information and skills taught continue to be invaluable.

I began the class feeling both hopeful and skeptical. I never thought I could enjoy a plant based diet. It took me 5 years to get 5 fruits and vegetables into my diet! We had a lot to learn coming from the typical standard American diet of meat, dairy, bread, and sweets. I knew very little about using seasonings and flavorings. All I knew were salt, pepper, garlic, and butter.

Dr. Dulaney served us samples of dishes she prepared and included recipes. One of our classes was a trip to the grocery store where we learned where to find the healthy plant based foods and ideas on how to prepare them. The science behind plant based nutrition presented was eye-opening! The connection to symptoms we had accepted as a normal part of aging could be improved with the addition of plant based meals.

I lost about 12 pounds without trying and both my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers improved. I no longer have to measure portions! I can relax and enjoy my meals. I eat about 95% plant based today. It will be 99% when I learn what to do in situations where I have few choices!

Thank you for providing this chance to improve our health in an easy, natural way.

~ Sue and Dave Good

A note of sincere thanks. I took Dr. Dulaney's plant based nutrition course in my ninth decade. Shortly after I started, I noticed I no longer needed help to stay regular. Thank you greens. Although it is difficult to put into words, there was a general improved feeling of wellbeing. It is like all of my internal organs were functioning better. I was able to maintain my ideal weight which I believe helps my heart function easier. Less weight means less stress on the hear. I also noticed my grocery bills were less without buying processed meats and cheese.

To sum it up, it is exciting to get new and different recipes from Dr. Dulaney and to experiment with new vegetables. As they say, variety is the spice of life. I plan to stay plant based so I can continue to maintain the quality of the life I enjoy.

~ Kitty Papaycik-Port Charlotte, Florida

We are just so very fortunate to have such a compassionate caring cardiologist here in the Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area. From Dr Dulaney's wonderfully efficient and kind staff to the wealth of information available, one can say we are truly blessed. I was so impressed and enlightened with Dr Dulaney's approach to health through a plant based diet. From the most excellent classes available on becoming plant based, to teaching trips to the grocery store, I came away with a renewed outlook on life and health. Thank you Dr. Dulaney.

~ Michael Pry-Punta Gorda, Florida

She's a wonderful person as well as a doctor. She helped me more than I could ever imagine. She convinced me to try a plant base diet,took her class now I'm off of four meds down 50 pounds feeling much better.

~ Greg Bala- Punta Gorda, Florida

We searched for years to find a Doctor that was proactive in working with their patients. Most Doctors make you feel that they are rushing to get to the next patient, it's almost like they just decide which prerecorded message to play when they give you advice. Dr. Dulaney is different. She takes you from wherever you are in your quest for better health and guides you through the steps (slow or fast depending on your preference) to make a healthier you. She's great!

~ Sue-Bradenton, Florida

Dr. Dulaney practices state of the art medicine and I would recommend her to you or your loved ones in need of a cardiologist. She is hands down the best in Florida.

~ Lura N-St Petersburg, Florida

Plant based and dedicated to it.

~ Tom-Lakeville, Minnesota

What can I say about Dr. Dulaney? Well, she is my hero.
I have never known anyone in the medical profession so caring and so willing to help me get off my medications. I've been a type 2 diabetic for 14 years on 2000 mg of metformin a day and my A1C kept going up. Dr. Dulaney has great knowledge of how to heal you with nutrition and exercise.
I've been seeing Dr Dulaney for 3 months and I'm off my metformin and my A1C went from 6.9 to 5.8. I control my blood sugar everyday with diet and exercise. I've lost 15 pounds and I have more energy. I feel 100% better!.
I have not felt this good in years! I am so grateful to you Dr. Dulaney for your help.
Thank you, Thank you. Forever my hero.

~ Patrick Shine, Port Charlotte, Florida

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