Letter to my clients

To You and Your Family,

I am writing this letter to inform you of exciting changes to my practice. I am going to combine the personal attention needed to practice internal medicine and cardiology with a stronger emphasis on prevention and reversal of lifestyle diseases. The practice of medicine today is hurried, focused on isolated complaints, and treated by multiple prescriptions and excessive testing. Waiting for ill health and attempting to merely stabilize a condition is not acceptable if we desire optimal health, a sense of wellbeing and maximal functional longevity. I would like to introduce you to what I feel will be the optimal practice of internal medicine, cardiology, and wellness.

In caring for my patients, my goals are:

  • Keep patients out of the hospital (as much as possible)
  • Reverse risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol
  • Eliminate or reduce medications
  • Improve the quality of your life as well as your longevity
  • Achieve optimal body weight and functional mobility

Cardiology and/or Primary Care

Many patients have asked if I would be their primary care doctor. Because I will be now limiting the number of patients in the practice, I will be able to do this in addition to practicing cardiology. I can dedicate more personal attention to provide a detailed assessment of wellness goals and formulate with you the optimal treatment plan. There will be no insurance plan imposed limitations on the frequency or length of your office visits. As your physician, I can direct your medical care without the need to delegate your health goals to an allied health practitioner. If a particular specialist is needed I can assist you in finding a well-qualified physician. We will look at new lab markers such as the Boston Heart Lab, DNA and microbial testing to help assess and alter treatment plans as needed.

Nutrition as Medicine

Over the past two years I have offered a plant based nutrition class which has included cooking demonstrations, menu planning, and group shopping, as well as the presentation of the scientific evidence supporting reversal of lifestyle diseases. Together we have achieved a level of wellness never possible through traditional medicine. Patients have been able to discontinue medications and have reversed angina, neuropathy and diabetes to name a few. The social support of the community has added a new wellness dimension. Social connectedness has been shown to increase the quality and quantity of life. Because of this success, we will be offering these classes to ALL patients of my practice at no additional fee. We will also add advanced classes to accommodate those already practicing plant based nutrition to achieve higher levels of knowledge and advanced cooking techniques.

Online programs for those not local

These new programs will include telemedicine, nutritional webinars, and an online support community, which can be especially beneficial for those traveling or spending summers elsewhere. (See website for details.) Office-based patients will have full access to these online programs.

Here is how it works

To provide such expansive and personal attention I am modifying my practice to see a limited number of patients via a membership fee covering those additional services not covered by insurance. Your voluntary fee includes an annual routine comprehensive physical exam that incorporates screening and diagnostic tests, and focuses on nutrition, fitness and exercise, lifestyle management, mental wellness, stress management, and chronic disease management. The result is a customized wellness plan to guide you in achieving and maintaining optimum health and disease prevention. You will be able to connect with and communicate with my office as we work together to guide your healthcare based on our annual exam. Additionally, there will be favorable rates for laboratory testing as well as for functional mobility training, yoga and meditation instruction.

All patients have the opportunity to join on a first come first served basis and I encourage those of you who wish to continue as my patient to inform us as soon as possible. Once I meet capacity, a waiting list will be started. There is an option to pay monthly or annually through debit or bank account or credit card. We will no longer bill insurance plans, although we will continue to participate in Medicare and will submit to them. Membership is not an insurance plan, so it is advisable to maintain your health insurance coverage.

The fees are as follows:

$200/month for our current patients (offered in gratitude for founding members)

$190/month Discount for Nutrition Class Graduates

$210/month for active Charlotte County Plant-Based Foodie Members

$220/month for those new to my practice

Couples discount is 33%. Third and more household members receive an additional 20% discount. Membership for those over 90 years of age is complementary.

How to continue as my patient

Since a number of patients are expected to show interest in this opportunity, I encourage you to assure your place now. There are three simple ways to join my practice.

I expect questions. Many may be answered on the FAQ section. We also welcome you and your family to attend an information session by reserving a spot.

After October 1, 2017, I will only be seeing patients who have elected to join. I understand that some people will not choose to stay with the practice. However, I remain committed to assisting you in finding healthcare in the interim by providing names of cardiologists in the area.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions and concerns. I am always happy to speak with you in the office or by phone. Again, it has been my privilege to be your physician and to care for you. I am grateful for your loyalty, and I look forward to building our relationship.


Jami Dulaney, MD