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Our nutrition class is a six-week commitment to learning plant based cooking, menu planning, and the science supporting the health benefits. Cooking demonstrations and food tasting are a part of each class. We discuss the preparation and nutrients in each dish. There is also a scientific discussion on the mechanisms by which a plant strong diet helps reverse and prevent disease.

As part of the course, we take a shopping trip to the local grocery store where we tour the produce aisles and discuss recipes for different vegetables. We do label reading to help you navigate what is healthy and what is merely a marketing tool with appealing claims to health. I share my tips for tasty meals and secret ingredients. Together we plan menus that are not only easy and quick to prepare but also tasty and eye pleasing.

Finally, we discuss the perils of eating out and social situations that might be stressful in the transition to this healthy lifestyle.

I encourage open discussions and mutual support among course participants. The class is limited in size to twenty so that adequate attention is provided to all. As a member of the practice you will be able to attend as many classes as you wish. Some people may like to drop in for refresher courses or attend a mastery course where we delve deeper into the science of plant-based nutrition and explore different cooking cuisines.

This class has become my favorite part of the week and I hope it will become yours as well. I have had more success helping patients achieve wellness in these classes than during traditional office visits over the years. You as members will have input into evolving course content. The class provides a social environment where members with various levels of plant-based knowledge can support and encourage each other.

The class meets once weekly at our brand new, in-office kitchen & nutrition classroom for an hour and a half. All classes are included with your membership and members will have first priority for available class slots. Non-members can participate for $200.00 as space allows.

You will also have the opportunity as members to participate in our Online Education Programs to augment your transition to plant based nutrition.

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